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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Keep checking the website. All communities and homes will appear here when active.

If you are looking to purchase soon and need immediate help, please select Live Chat at the bottom of this page to chat with a Century Complete assistant or leave a request for additional information.

Our innovative online homebuying process is quick and easy. Simply select your home, complete the form, sign the contract and submit a deposit. To learn more about our "Buy Now" Process, click here.

Only a $95 deposit is required to start your purchase of a Century Complete home. When your contract is accepted, an additional $905 is collected. That's only $1000 in total.

All of our floor plans are assigned to each homesite before construction begins and cannot be modified. This is part of our unique building process, allowing us to eliminate excessive costs and offer the highest square footage for the lowest price. However, we typically offer a wide variety of plans in each area.

While we accept financing from outside lenders, we highly recommend a mortgage from Inspire Home Loans because of the incredible savings it offers—not to mention exceptional customer service and industry expertise.

In addition to a competitive rate through Inspire Home Loans, you’ll enjoy
(up to $1,500 from Inspire Home Loans PLUS up to an extra $4,500 from us)

However, even if you choose an outside lender, we'll still pitch in up to $2,000 toward closing costs.

Taxes are typically calculated as a percentage of the assessed value of a property. Those taxes vary by state, county and municipality. Property insurance is also based on value and a number of other factors. Please consult with your sales advisor or mortgage lender to best estimate how much you will pay for taxes and insurance.

If you are paying cash, you will be required to upload an Asset Statement showing sufficient funds to purchase the home. You will be directed to the Inspire Home Loans website to upload this document after you complete the contract process.

You will receive your keys at closing once the closing documents have been properly recorded by the attorney and funding is received from your mortgage lender (see Purchase Agreement).

Power and water are shut off to the home three (3) days after closing. Please make arrangements to have services transferred to your name as soon as you have closed.

During the construction period, Century Complete uses a master construction key which opens all homes. The keys you receive at closing will reset your locks and disable the master key upon use. It is suggested that you verify that your keys work in each exterior lock at move-in.

Local phone, cable and internet companies provide these services. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have these services ordered and started after closing.

All non-emergency warranty issues will be handled during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to arrange access to the home during these hours. Emergencies will be handled as they occur. You can submit your warranty requests here.

Having someone other than a Century Complete subcontractor address a warranty issue could void your home warranty.

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